Major Differences Between Fake and Real Psychics

The modern-day world is full of scammers and fake professionals who take advantage of other people’s vulnerability. Psychic reading is a sector that has its share of self-proclaimed experts who extorts money from unsuspecting clients. Greed is the primary drive for such cons, and they do not have any solution to their customers. The following are key pointers to help differentiate between a fraud and real psychic.

How they answer questions

You may be having questions to ask the reader during the session. A fake psychic will twist you and get your preferred view and then answer your questions. For instance, if you are in a relationship and want to know whether it is sustainable, the reader can twist you without knowing. If he/she discovers that you are unhappy in your relationship, then expect that he/she will tell you that the relationship will not work.

Curses and bad omen

Some readers will make you believe that your misfortunes are as a result of witchcraft or evil persons. They will tell you that your family, neighbors or friends are responsible for the problems in your life. Con readers use this tactic to instill fear in you and create mistrust in your immediate circles. They will ensure that you visit them anytime you have a problem just because you cannot trust your friends.

Nature of information they seek from you

Some readers will ask for suspicious information such as your date of birth, social security card, and bank accounts. If such psychics know where you live, they will give general information based on what people believe and do. They can also use the local dailies for the stars section and present the information to you in a customized version.


Excellent services translate to repeat customers and referrals. Check various websites to see what other people say about your pick. Sources such as psychic source reviews give an in-depth professional evaluation of such services to aid in decision making.

Nature of advice they offer

People have different careers and abilities, and that is why we have lawyers, doctors, credit analyzers and bankers among many others. Psychics who pretend to be masters of all trades are a red flag. Ideally, a good reader will advise you to visit a doctor based on the readings. Those who tell you that your disease is incurable are cons.

They are very many pointers that can help you isolate cons from real psychics. Some will display one of the above features while others will combine several.