How To Buy The Wheel Stand For Your Motorbike? – Know The Tips And Tricks

Motorbikes have been a rage since forever. People from all over the world are now using motor bikes for various purposes. However, a major component of the motorbikes is its stand. It can be also called as a wheel stand as it is placed around the bottom of the motorbike. This stand supports the bike and prevents it from tripping forward when it is in a halt position.

When you buy a wheel stand, you need to keep a couple of things in mind so that you do not face any issues and find the best one for your bike. In this article we will be talking all about the wheel stands and their types.

What is the purpose of wheel stand in your bike?

These days, people can find numerous kinds of wheel stands for their bikes. The actual purpose of a stand is to protect the bike from falling and make it stand upright. There are various types of wheel stands. While many cruisers have a stand in the centre that allows them to stay upright without falling on either side, many other bikes have a stand on the side. This allows your bike to stay upright while slightly tilting on the side. To know more about the stands and the dollies, one can look for information on They will provide you with enough information and they will guide you.

It is essential to know that the side stand is not ideal for the heavy bikes because there are high chances of the bike tripping and breaking the stand as well.

Know the types of wheel stands for your bike

There are a wide variety of wheel stands available in the market. The most popular ones have been discussed below –

  • Wheel chock – this stand is highly beneficial because it holds the bike in place and vertically upright and it prevents any movement of the tyres. This makes it easier for the person to clean the bike.
  • Paddock stand – this stand is different from the wheel chock because it supports the bike through the rear and front suspensions it is not considered as reliable.
  • Roller wheel stand – these stands are very compact and inexpensive. It is a metal plate along with two rollers. It is mainly used by the riders to clean the bike thoroughly.

Many other stands will allow you to work with you bike only after taking the tyres off. These stands are mainly used at workshops to fix the bikes.