Getting the Best Curls Using a Curling Wand

Remember when the only option you had to get curls in your hair each day was to leave them in those bulky rollers overnight?  Today, technology has given us great tools such as curling wands and the curling iron. By using such tools, busy people can save some time and enjoy great curls without the need to spend money on expensive parlours and salons.

There has been a great deal of time and skills that have been used to make the curling wand. Gone are the days when you damaged your hair by using extremely hot curling irons, today the use of the negative ion technology has made it easier and safer for women to get great curls in their hair without any damage.

So how can you use the curling wand for the best curls?

Heat It up First

The first step should be to heat up the wand to the desired temperature. If the wand has a thermostat or any other temperature control, then select the desired heat level to suit the curls that you desire. You can check out the user manual for the temperature settings.

Protect Your Hands

The curling wand usually reaches very high temperatures, and the chances of getting injured due to burns are very high, especially if you don’t use the wand correctly. What you need to do in such a case is to use a thermal glove that is provided with the wand. This thermal glove protects your hands against any burns that might occur.

Prep Your Hair

Always use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner for the hair depending on the hair type. If you don’t know what the hair type is, then you can check online and determine the type. You can also get some insight from your hair stylist.

If you are planning to straighten the hair, then condition the curls before you straighten it. Additionally, use heat protection serum to shield your hair from the heat of the barrel.

Straightening the Hair

While straightening the hair before you make the curls, try and start with the lowest heat setting possible, which will end up giving you the desired effect without any damage?

Final Words

Armed with the right curling wand from, you can get great looking curls that will last and last. Take time to understand a few tips that make the process fast.